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Taurus Female Personality – Personality Traits of a Taurus

Taurus Female Personality – Personality Traits of a Taurus

It’s quite incredible the amount you can learn about someone through astrology. For example, thanks to astrology it is said that the Taurus Female Personality is stubborn, ambitious and patient.

Taurus Women ooze passion and determination in their relationships, careers and anything they set out to achieve. They have an unwavering core set of beliefs that are rarely tampered with regardless of how valid someone else’s opinion may be.

Keep reading to learn more about the intriguing, passionate Taurus Female Personality before you commit to someone.

Taurus Female Personality – The Good Personality Traits

Emotionally Strong

Female Taurus can endure large amounts of stress thanks to their impressively adept emotional strength. Typical stresses come from her relationships, family, career and wont readily complain to others or show any signs of stress.

She will not go looking for sympathy and prefers to just push through the challenges that life throws her way.


Taurus woman are known to work autonomously and will like to get things done their way. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty with new challenges or tasks.

While being independent, she is also assertive by nature and will delegate tasks with ease to people around her if she has to work as part of a team.


While the Taurus can have multiple friends and acquaintances she will stay loyal to a small handful of genuine people. She knows how to read people well and tends to weed out the pretenders.

Sometimes Taurus women can come across as bitchy because they can be quite selective when it comes to romantic partners.

They never rush their decisions when choosing close friends or romantic partners, so be patient with the beautiful Taurus woman.

Bad Personality Traits of Taurus Female

The Taurus woman is represented by the bull because they are known to be extremely stubborn in nature.

Being an earth sign that’s ruled by Venus don’t tend to waiver from their beliefs and usually don’t mix well with authority figures. (So true)

The Taurus woman loves to make her own decisions in her own time and doesn’t like being given rules to abide by in everyday life.


Taurus women are notoriously stubborn in nature. They are known to argue tooth and nail because they sometimes struggle to admit that their wrong.

This can make the Taurus a very sore loser and painful to deal with when in conflict. Their stubborn nature tends to cloud their judgment as frustrations boil over.


Venus the beauty lover as the Taurus ruler, they love to look good and flaunt it baby! They take pride in how they dress and will spare no money in pampering themselves to look on point.

A Taurus can take a very long time to get ready because of this but some bulls have the routine down to a fine art, it’s a roll of the dice.

Don’t be surprised if you find your Taurus name dropping brand names as she does value the perception of status associated with designer names.

Taurus Woman Likes

They like to chill

Taurus women do like to put their feet up, switch off from drama and just enjoy a good chill session.

Even if drama is cascading around them, people yelling and arguing they have an enviable ability to block it all out while they’re reading and sipping on wine.

They love being vacant and just doing nothing, just let them be. Even if you scream at them, nope they aren’t registering (Unless you’re offering food, money, clothes).


Taurus women live to eat. They love to indulge in good foods and try all different cuisines.

They are incredibly good at cooking and love to experiment in the kitchen. When ever you visit the home of Taurus woman, their home will smell AMAZING.

They’ve likely been slaving over the stove for the good part of the day, they are natural born food perfectionists.


They’re the type of people who will write off an entire day going down town to shop, shop shop. They will literally shop until they drop, with bags of new clothes hanging from each arm, they are in their element when shopping. Money is never spared when it comes to looking on point.

Taurus Woman Dislikes

Being Told What To Do

They have a problem with authority and have a hatred for being told what to do. They march to the tune of their own song and cannot be tamed. Don’t try and tame a Taurus woman or you’ll get bit.

Attention Seekers

People who seek attention are not liked by Taurus women, why? Well…they might steal the spotlight from themselves. Because their so vain and love attention, don’t be caught taking away the attention from a Taurus or you wont be liked.

Fake People & Imitation

They have an insatiable lust for the finest material aspects that life offers. So when something is fake whether it be people, clothing, artificial jewellery it leaves them furious.

They have a keen eye for detail and appreciate the quality things in life, it causes sadness and disappointment if material things are not up to their standards.

Taurus Woman and Love

Because the Taurus woman is a fixed sign, she seeks a partner in the more traditional way, letting the man/woman take the lead.

Taurus women love to be pursued, wined and dined in the traditional sense of the word.

A date who is romantic, brings her gifts and organises a thoughtful and well planned night out will win her over.

Taurus women are also reciprocal in nature, so their partners are also very well looked after both in and out of the bedroom. They are thoughtful, passionate and love to spoil their partners.

She is stable, supportive and a reliable partner a true breeze as far as partners are concerned.

She is not to be taken for granted, if her trust is broken she will likely not give you a second chance and will walk away.

Taurus Women and Sex

Taurus women just love sex, sex, sex. But not with just anyone, only with their partners and when in a serious relationship. They don’t tend to be the ones to go home on a one night stand after a few too drinks at the local cocktail bar.

They prefer to develop a strong connection with their partner before they get passionate in the bedroom. When they develop that connection, wow do they know how to please in the bedroom.

Every button is pushed, every fantasy is fulfilled and they love to please and spoil their partners. Expect true and utter satisfaction.

They like to be in control when it comes to them being pleased, don’t push their boundaries and do as they ask and she’ll be satisfied.




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