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Scorpio Female Personality – Scorpio Female Personality Traits

Scorpio Female Personality – Scorpio Female Personality Traits

They are an exercise in contradictions. Ruled by two planets, Pluto and Mars, the Scorpio female personality presents a dichotomy because they combine the traits of both planets.  Scorpios have an inherently aggressive streak, but they can also be quite reserved.

As a fixed sign, they value tradition and stability, but they also crave adventure. This makes them one of the most mysterious (and perhaps misunderstood) of the Zodiac signs. Still, there is a hypnotic quality about the female Scorpio that allures the masses.

Here are a few of the reason why:

Scorpio Female Personality – The Good Personality Traits


A female Scorpio is a ride-or-die type of woman. Due to their intense nature, they take their relationships very seriously and will defend you to death if need be.

She is someone you will always want on your side because she will never leave you hanging.


A woman with a Scorpio personality will not have you doubting her feelings for you. When in love, she will openly express her affection, and show you every single day how much you mean to her.

Even as a friend, she can make you feel like the most important person in her life. She won’t play games. Once her trust is earned, she will reveal the vulnerable parts of herself that she doesn’t show anyone else.

Bold risk takers

A Scorpio woman is often the first one into uncharted territory. She is not afraid to go where no one else has; whether it’s starting a new business venture or asking the tough questions most don’t dare to confront.


Scorpio women are extremely driven and single-minded in pursuit of their goals. The Scorpio female personality is focused. She employs discipline and determination to get to her destination.

She is also adaptable, highly intelligent, and creative when coming up with solutions to problems. This makes them natural-born leaders.


One Scorpio female personality trait is that they’re direct. They value honesty above all and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think. They will also expect you to give them the same courtesy to earn their trust.

It’s undeniable that these traits make Scorpio females very attractive partners. Nevertheless, that isn’t all there is to consider. A Scorpio female comes with her own unique set of baggage.

Bad Personality Traits of Scorpio Female


Just like their scorpion symbol, a Scorpio female has a mean sting when she feels confronted. She will immediately go on the offensive during a perceived attack and expect her to return fire twice as hard.

They can be relentless and vindictive in their vengeance. The Scorpio female is not someone you want to cross.


A Scorpio female can be very possessive with both her romantic relationships and her friendships. She will dedicate her entire life to you, and a part of her will want you to do the same for her.

She will constantly test your loyalty and question if you have a better connection with other people. In her mind, it should be the two of you against the world.


As a fixed sign, a female Scorpio can be extremely uncompromising. It’s hard to change her mind on an issue she is certain of, and she will doggedly hold on to her way of doing things.

A female with a Scorpio personality knows what she knows and will not easily stray from it.


The Scorpio female personality tends towards an all-or-nothing mentality. She sees people as either with her or against her. She doesn’t do casual relationships and will expect deep intimacy from anyone she’s involved with.


Dealing with a Scorpio female personality means navigating shifting moods and tests of loyalty. She will constantly be afraid that she is falling too deeply for someone who may betray her.

Putting her at ease can become a tasking duty at times. She is also often ruled by her emotions and can sometimes become gloomy for unknown reasons.


A female Scorpio tends to want to control the things around her.  She assume she knows best and expects you to follow her orders exactly. This comes from a place of care, but it can be difficult to deal with.


It’s tough to get a female Scorpio to show you all her cards. They are honest, but very careful when displaying vulnerability, especially if they’re not sure about you. This is to protect their sensitive side and ensure that they will not be betrayed.

Knowing all this, do you think you’re up for dating a female Scorpio? Here are a few more things to note.

Scorpio Women Likes and Dislikes

Scorpio Woman Likes and Dislikes


A female Scorpio loves a challenge. She loves fair competition, and she especially likes to win. You’d do well to engage her in friendly, low-stakes games.

A female Scorpio is curious and frequently inquire about people she cares about. She is someone you can trust with your secrets as she will not judge or reproach you easily. Rather, she will try to understand your challenges.

A Scorpio woman likes honesty. The easiest way to disarm her is by being sincere from the get-go. This gets her into a mind space where she feels like she can be safe with you.


Conversely, a female Scorpio hates dishonesty. She has no tolerance for lies or manipulation in any relationship. She will want to always be assured of her place in your life.

A female Scorpio also hates passive-aggressiveness. Scorpio female personalities don’t do well with subtext. If you have an issue, let her know as directly as possible, but be careful not to hurt her feelings in the process.

A female Scorpio can’t stand disrespect. Often people mistake their loyalty for weakness and try to mistreat them. But the female Scorpio is no doormat. She can turn on you just as fiercely as she can support you.

Scorpio Woman and Dating

Tread carefully when pursuing a Scorpio female. You need to be patient. Avoid love-bombing behavior or making declarations too quickly, this will cause her to inherently mistrust you.

Female Scorpios are pessimists and can be paranoid. You will want to gradually gain her trust and make her feel protected around you. Before you woo her, ensure that a serious relationship is what you want, because once you’re in it, she won’t let you go easily.

When dating a Scorpio woman, you must always place your cards on the table. Don’t attempt to play mind tricks on her, and don’t be coy with your feelings. She will value your directness and honesty.

It’s also important to note that Scorpio women are natural homebodies. They like to be in spaces they can trust. Avoid taking her around too many new people at once, because this can cause her to have her guard up.


A female Scorpio tends to get along best with other water signs like Cancer and Pisces. Scorpios and Cancers share the same need for loyalty and privacy so they understand each other.

While both signs are governed by their emotions, Cancer is a lot more nurturing and flexible which makes them complementary companions to the Scorpios.

Scorpios also get along well with Pisces. Both signs are given to mood swings, but it doesn’t lead to screaming matches, because the Pisces will usually give in as a natural follower.

This submissive quality is also why Virgo and Scorpios typically get along. Virgos are gentle and loyal, and this can easily gain a Scorpio female’s trust.

The worst Zodiac signs for a female Scorpio are those who exhibit controlling or argumentative behavior. While the Scorpio females might share sexual compatibility with both Taurus and Leo, their personalities tend to clash because of their similar traits.

Both signs are stubborn and opinionated and their relationships with Scorpios tend to be explosive.

A female with a Scorpio personality also rejects signs they find to be too social or shallow such as Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and Sagittarius. With signs like Aries and Capricorn, the relationship can work if both sides are willing to understand and compromise with each other.

A Scorpio female can also get along with a Scorpio male, but their relationship can either be contentious or boring after some time, because there are too similar.




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