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Pisces Female Personality – Pisces Traits Female

Pisces Female Personality – Pisces Traits Female

Pisces woman are an awesome bunch, super laid back, chilled out and go with the flow. Being ruled by the planet Neptune and is the water sign meaning they are prone to feeling deeply. The Pisces Female Personality is so drastically different to the other signs.

They don’t bounce back from traumatic experiences as well as other signs, they might be stuck in the dumps after relationship breakups or set backs in life.

Sometimes they get so far inside their own head they forget how to hold themselves in the present moment. They have some interesting personality traits that are very different from the other signs, keep reading to learn more.

Pisces Woman Traits –The Interesting Traits of the Pisces Female Personality

Caring & Nice

If you have a female partner or close friend that’s a Pisces, you’re one lucky cat. They are such beautiful souls that are overly nice and can be seen as the light in a world of darkness. But unfortunately the Pisces Female Personality tends to be taken advantage of due to this, so protect them at all costs.

They do so much for their friends and family and in our opinion probably the sweetest sign of them all. They will drop everything to lend a hand and go out of their way to help someone in need. Like the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

They feel deeply and can feed of others peoples emotions, so if you’re happy so are they, if you’re sad they feel it too.


Pisces woman have beautifully vivid imaginations that works hand in hand with their creativity. They are natural writers and can write stories with ease. With a well equipped vocabulary, an overactive imagination and deep feelings create the perfect novelist.


They live to socialise, the Friday nigh drinks can never come soon enough. If you call and invite them to an impromptu coffee, they’ll be there with bells on every single time.

They love the connection to other souls through deep conversation and her empathic being is what makes her tick.

Don’t be surprised if you develop a deep friendship with a Pisces a lot faster than other signs.

They have a natural ability to become close to the ones they choose at lightning speeds.

Bad Pisces Woman Traits

Overly Sensitive & Moody

Pisces woman feel deeply and this comes at a price, it takes a toll on their emotional state. Resulting in their moods taking a ride on the wildest roller coaster around, lots of high and lows. You can see different sides to a Pisces all in one day if you’re lucky enough.

Tread lightly with a Pisces, don’t be overly harsh with your comments and try to be sincere with your approach, this will go a long way in developing the relationship.

Do Their Own Head In or Overthink

Pisces can get so far in their own head with outrageous scenarios that are not productive. They can cause conflict if they act on the insecure thoughts cascading through their heads.

“Did I say too much, did I say the wrong thing, did I do this wrong” are prime examples of day-to-day self-doubt and overthinking scenarios Pisces endure.

They Can be Needy & Clingy

The insecurities of a Pisces lead to them holding onto relationships as a sense of security. There is nothing worse than an emotional, needy and clingy person.

We all have moments of weakness, and Pisces might seem as thought hey have them more often than not. Your phone might run hot with a million phone calls when their feeling vulnerable.

This can sometimes push people away which magnifies the situation further, a true recipe for disaster as far a relationships and friendships are concerned.

What Pisces Women Like

Pisces female personality

Being in Control

Pisces love to be in control, it gives them the confidence to tackle certain situations with more confidence. They feel relieved, and can be more creative when they are in control, so if they take the lead, let them do their thing.

Spending Time Alone

Time alone allows the Pisces woman to harness her inner creativity and make pieces of art, write a novel etc.

They can additionally use this time to process the intricacies of friendships and relationships that are ever changing.

The Pisces female personality is complex, emotional and caring.

What Pisces Woman Dislike

Being Center of Attention

Pisces females have flaws just like anyone, but they loathe them being pointed out, especially in social situations. They don’t like being the center of attention, they would much prefer to focus on someone else and help someone in need.

Self Awareness 

Because of their humanitarian nature, they focus so much on other people and topics they forget to work on themselves. This creates a lack of self awareness, and even though they might have the time for such tasks they seldom look in the mirror and analyze themselves.

They simply find it hard to analyze their actions and think critically of their decisions to better themselves in certain aspects of life.

Pisces Women and Love

Pisces women are notoriously passionate and clingy lovers. They fall hard and fast into love that sometimes results in heartbreak for the Pisces. They move a little too fast and don’t take the time to get to know their partners intimately before committing. Resulting in breakups and conflict at later stages of the relationship.

A Pisces woman traditionally doesn’t do so well with Gemini’s, Aries or Scorpio who like their space and dislike clingy personalities.

They need to be given a lot of attention and reassurance or they won’t feel secure and fulfilled in a relationship.

The man who shows his romantic side is what a Pisces woman adores, they too are romantic themselves so expect to be spoilt in thoughtful gestures and gifts.

The Pisces female personality is one that’s so different and unique compared to other signs, treat them gently, be supportive and watch them flourish.

Pisces woman and Sex.

Pisces woman thoroughly enjoy intimate connections with their partners and their partners only.

They much prefer to develop deep and emotional connections before jumping into bed with ANYONE.

When they are at this stage, they just love sex. They enjoy trying new things in the bedroom and if they become comfortable enough to express their desires, this is where it gets very hot and steamy.

Communication is key, get the Pisces comfortable enough to lay it all out on the table and your sex life is going to be intensely satisfying.






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