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Pisces and Gemini Friendship – Will They Get Along?

Pisces and Gemini Friendship – Will They Get Along?

pisces and gemini friendship

A Pisces and Gemini friendship is one unlikely pairing that just works. It can be tricky sometimes and takes some understanding from both sides to create a stable bond, but when that is achieved, they create a friendship that often lasts a lifetime.

To understand what makes the Pisces and Gemini friendship operate smoothly, we must first understand the key traits of both signs.

Geminis are known to be flexible to the point of being fickle at times. They are an air sign ruled by Mercury and as such, they are very adaptable and impulsive.

They are highly social and make friends easily, although they might lose friends just as easily as well. The problem with Geminis is that they tend to break promises, not intentionally, but simply from how frequently they change their mind.

A Gemini today is not the same person that she was yesterday, and hence she might have a hard time following through on her previous word. This is not malicious but can be extremely annoying to other signs.

They may choose to abandon the friendship as a result, but it’s all good though. Geminis embrace change and love adventure.

Pisces are also extremely social and tend to make friends easily. They are different from the Gemini because they are far more sensitive and express more care in their words.

Pisces also typically form stronger bonds with people and love to put themselves in other people’s shoes. They are mutable like Geminis and can be just as indecisive.

In either case, there are a few reasons why a Pisces and Gemini friendship presents as such a head-scratcher.

But first, let’s consider the things they have in common. Learn everything you need to know about the pisces female personality.

Mutual Interests of a Pisces and Gemini

gemini and pisces mutual interests

Both signs are highly social but lack structure. The Gemini changes her mind constantly and the Pisces can be indecisive as well. The Pisces symbol is two fishes pulling in opposite directions and that represents their approach to decision-making.

It also symbolizes the two opposing drives within the Pisces- their inherent fantastical creativity battling their more pessimistic realism.

Pisces are frequent dreamers with active imaginations.  Gemini often matches this with intelligence and their adventurous spirit. Both signs feed off each other’s energy and will enjoy doing things together rather than apart.

They typically say yes to everything and will go on a lot of fun adventures together. Neither of them is a very good leader and they will struggle to get anything done due to their inconsistent personalities.

Nevertheless, this is probably for the best. Neither Gemini nor Pisces likes to feel controlled so would not do well with a bossy sign. The Gemini will also allow Pisces to indulge in fantasy once in a while, without feeling the need to pull her out of it.

Pisces can also give the Gemini space to explore when need be.

Let’s Talk Loyalty with Pisces and Gemini

Pisces and gemini loyalty

This is where the Pisces and Gemini Friendship might start to face issues.

Loyalty is very important to Pisces. They are a sensitive sign and value secure connections with trustworthy people. As mentioned before, Gemini individuals might struggle with this.

It’s not that they want to be unreliable, it’s that they often don’t think it’s as important to keep their word. Often, they don’t even remember what they said earlier.

A Gemini can be selfish in that regard, and this might put off a Pisces or at the very least, hurt their feelings.

Conversely, the Pisces will, for the most part, remain Loyal to Gemini. One of the reasons why the Pisces and Gemini friendship works so well is because the Pisces always seeks to put herself in the other person’s shoes and comprehend the other side.

Pisces will excuse a lot of Gemini’s bad behavior because she will understand that it’s not done from deliberate cruelty. Pisces will never seek vengeance as a result and she will always consider how the Gemini will feel.

These Signs Both Enjoy

Shared hobbies of a pisces and gemini

One of the reasons a Gemini and Pisces friendship works is because they both enjoy indulging in creative pursuits, such as reading, art, and poetry. They love adventure and will often seek it out.

They also love socializing, with each other and with other people. Geminis are talkative and love to make people laugh. They also love multitasking and changing up their routine. Most of all, they value their independence.

Like Gemini, Pisces also enjoys her independence and loves the freedom to follow her dreams. She loves to be loved and she enjoys getting along with the people around her.

The Pisces is an empathy and is always look out for others. She’s not the type to let someone feel left out and will try her best to ensure you feel included.

What Pisces and Gemini Dislike

pisces and gemini don't like

It’s not usually their common interests that place the Gemini and Pisces Friendship in jeopardy. We must examine their dislikes to understand why this coupling might not work.

For one thing, while both signs value their independence, the Gemini absolutely hates being tied down. She will not appreciate clinginess in a relationship or friendship and this might cause her to clash with Pisces.

Pisces have a somewhat insecure attachment style and don’t like to be ignored. They also don’t like to be treated as a nuisance and are extremely sensitive to being criticized.

Therefore, in this respect, both sides have to tread carefully to ensure the friendship does not implode.

Additionally, Gemini loves to make light hearted jokes, occasionally at other people’s expense. Pisces can be sensitive to such jokes and will not appreciate being made fun of.

She will also oppose Gemini making jokes about other people too. This might be difficult for Geminis to understand as they are not as sensitive and hate any restrictions placed on their actions.

Gemini might keep making jokes despite how the Pisces feels about it just to prove she can. A deliberate affront like this can potentially shatter the Pisces and Gemini friendship.

Can Pisces and Gemini Be Friends Long Term?

All things considered, the Pisces and Gemini friendship tends to last for a long time. This is mostly due to their common interests and the Pisces’ understanding of nature. She will often pardon the Gemini’s flightiness and is quick to forgive.

Pisces’ will often overlook mistakes (perhaps more than she should) and this will make the relationship continue relatively peacefully.

Besides that, Pisces’ understanding nature is one quality that continues to draw the Gemini back to them. Gemini will appreciate the Pisces for being one of the few people who can truly understand her.

Despite her flighty nature, she will try her best to keep her friendship with the one person who can understand her shifting personality. A Gemini may now be more prone to remain faithful to Pisces and acknowledge her emotional needs in this case.

However, just because Pisces and Gemini’s friendship is durable does not make them good partners in a romantic sense.

The Potential for Love Between Pisces and Gemini

love hand of pisces and gemini

Gemini and Pisces can fall in love, but whether the relationship will work is somewhat of a controversial topic. Some think they have high compatibility due to the strong bond of their friendship.

They certainly have enough similar interests and values to be able to get along. And their sexual compatibility is off the chats. So, make no mistake, Gemini and Pisces will get along 80% of the time.

The issue lies in how they chose to handle the 20%.

Both signs are not good at conflict or communication. Pisces might avoid talking about her feelings so that she doesn’t get criticized while a Gemini might occasionally say something she doesn’t mean (or only means at the moment).

A Pisces is likely to pretend everything is ok when it’s not and a Gemini might promise to change when she has no intention of carrying it out. Their mutual refusal to get to the bottom of their issues can cause problems to pile up and the relationship to turn sour.

For a Pisces and Gemini Friendship to turn romantic successfully, it takes several things. Both signs need to work on their communication styles and adjust their personalities as needed. Perhaps the Gemini needs to be less selfish and the Pisces more selfish.

Gemini needs to give the Pisces constant assurance and try as much as possible to keep her word. She must also be willing to deal with Pisces’ low self-esteem at times. Conversely, Pisces must learn to hold Geminis accountable when they’re wrong and not be as understanding.

Most importantly, they both need to be willing to make it work. Otherwise, it would be best to keep the Pisces and Gemini friendship, simply a friendship.



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