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Libra Personality Female – Personality Traits Of Libra Woman

Libra Personality Female – Personality Traits Of Libra Woman

Dating a Libra can be one of the best or worst decisions you make in your life. Keep reading as we uncover the true Libra Personality Female.

No matter who you are, you will probably fall in love with a Libra at one point or another.

As natural shapeshifters, they easily adapt to fit your preference and can charm the socks off just about anyone. A female Libra will often make you feel like the most important person in the room.

This makes them an extremely sought-after zodiac sign. There is plenty to love about Libra women, but as with most things, their positive traits are balanced out by their negative.

Good Personality Traits of Libra Woman

We all know that one bright, bubbly girl that just about everyone seems to have a crush on. They are well-liked, know everyone at every party and can fit into any clique. That girl is probably a Libra.

While there are no absolute universal qualities of any sign, these are the Libra female personality traits that make them irresistible.

They’re Beautiful

Libras are ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty herself. As such, female Libras pay very close attention to their physical appearance.

They tend to keep in relatively good shape, dress well and enjoy aesthetic procedures to improve their looks. If you’re dating a Libra, expect her to always look like a million bucks.

Friendly & Approachable

Libras are extremely social. In fact, this is one of the most fundamental principles of being a Libra. They seek harmony in all their interactions and will probably go out of their way to make you feel good in their presence.

They may smile a lot (even when they’re not happy) and will crack jokes to put you at ease. This makes them very easy to be around.

Female Libras are Great Listeners and Excellent Conversationalists

Libras are both exceptionally curious and wildly witty which makes them delightful to talk to.  A Libra soaks up anything you tell her like a sponge, because they love to know all about the world around them.

Even with the most unorthodox conversation topics, they will find a way to form a connection with you and make you feel understood.

Having a conversation with a Libra will feel like you’re on an exciting roller coaster with a gentle, soothing landing.

Highly Compassionate

The Libra symbol is the scales, making it the only sign represented by an object. This shows the emphasis Libra places on balance and justice. A Libra female’s personality will make her feel inclined to interject in any situation she feels is unfair.

This will usually not be done in a contentious manner, but rather as a tactful arbitration. The best thing about a female Libra’s personality is that she is unlikely to cheat or mistreat you. They are highly compassionate.

Female Libras are Diplomatic

Libra women value harmony and peace above all. They are usually the ones who push for compromise in a disagreement and will often consider multiple points of view before she makes any decision.

This is because they want to create the best solution that benefits everyone.

The last thing a female Libra wants is for you to feel like your views are not heard. She wants you to feel understood and fairly treated.

Female Libra Personalities are Balanced

The female Libra’s personality makes her balanced as both a great leader and an excellent supporter. Libras know how to take everyone into account and can easily come up with creative solutions for any problem.

They are perfectionists and will execute a given task to the best of their ability. Libras are also excellent team players and tend to put the needs of the collective above theirs.

This makes it easy for them to either take the lead or fall back when need be.

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why Libras are so popular as partners.  Still, it pays to be careful.

There’s no such thing as the perfect person or the perfect zodiac sign. Here are some things to watch out for when dating a female Libra.

Bad Personality Traits of Libra Woman

Libra Personality Female


Due to their extremely social nature, Libras tend to display attention-seeking behavior. They may go to great lengths to be noticed and will want to have a conversation with you, even when you’re not in the mood.

A Libra-personality female will constantly crave engagement. If this trait isn’t managed, it can be exhausting to be around.


As a side effect of their diplomatic nature, Libras tend to be very indecisive. They often try to consider too many people’s perspectives and it keeps them from concluding quickly.

Juggling everyone’s opinion may also lead to mistrusting their own internal compass, which makes decision-making even harder for them.

Shallow in Nature

While personality is important, beauty is equally as valuable to a Libra woman. They are an aesthetic-focused sign and can be shallow at times. They will want you to always look your best and may lose interest if you don’t.

Female Libras can be non-confrontational

A female with a Libra personality will want to avoid confrontation at all costs. In the presence of a problem, she will attempt to find the easiest compromise as fast as possible rather than digging to get to the root of the issue.

Confrontation causes a female Libra extreme discomfort and excessive conflict will send her packing.

Female Libras Love Gossip

It’s like the popular girl trope. A female Libra’s curiosity combined with their nonconfrontational nature can lead them to be gossipy and passive-aggressive to people they dislike.

Female Libras can be unreliable

Libras are often in search of enjoyment and excitement. This can make them unreliable in times of crisis. Due to their hatred of confrontation, they are also not the best people to back you up in a fight.

Libra Woman Likes and Dislikes

Knowing whether or not to date a female Libra comes down to understanding their likes and dislikes.

Libra Woman Likes


A Libra woman loves aesthetics. This is the type of woman who enjoys attending artsy events, shopping for luxury goods, and decorating her space.

She adores things that look good and will make the effort to always be surrounded by beauty. Nevertheless, she’s not solely about appearances either.


A Libra woman also loves things that make her think. Whether it’s a scintillating conversation or a thrilling book, she craves mental stimulation. Intelligence in a partner is a must.


A Libra woman loves to have things fair and equitable amongst all.

She will often find herself mediating her friend’s disputes, although she will be cautious of it leading to an even bigger fight.

Libra Woman Dislikes


If it hasn’t been mentioned enough in this article, female Libras hate conflict. It’s the easiest way to drive her to tears and cause stress in your relationship.

Do not needlessly provoke her. Instead, try to bring up issues in a calm, peaceful manner.


A female Libra values order and despises chaos and clutter. Don’t exhaust her by constantly making messes.

At the very least, try as much as possible to clean them up.

Libra Woman and Love

Female Libras love love. They often fall quickly and are very susceptible to becoming “love-drunk” in a relationship. Libras don’t view love lightly either.

A female Libra typically seeks a strong emotional bond with her partner- the type of love that lasts a lifetime.

They are deep romantics and want to be continuously wooed by their significant others. Keep this in mind and never let the relationship get stale.

Libra Woman and Dating

Female Libras personality traits cause them to get along with some signs better than others.

Libras tend to do well with air signs such as Aquarius, Gemini, and other Libras.

They understand each other and value a lot of the same things- beauty, balance, and knowledge.

These tend to be the most stable pairings for a female libra. However, stability is not all a Libra woman will consider.

Female Libras can also be attracted to Aries despite (or perhaps because of) their differences. Both signs value creativity and being social, but they vary in their conflict resolution styles.

Aries are typically fiery and direct, and Libras prefer a more diplomatic conflict management. For this relationship to work, both sides must be willing to compromise and understand each other.

Libras are generally incompatible with both water and earth signs. They find water signs too emotional and earth signs may consider Libras to be too superficial.

Nevertheless, Taurus and Libra (both ruled by Venus) often show attraction towards each other, although the relationship may not necessarily work out.

Libra Woman and Sex

Sex with a Libra woman is not only exciting but also visually pleasing. A female Libra will only have sex with someone she is attracted to, and it shows in the relaxed exploration of their bodies.

It’s like the sex you see in movies; sultry, sensual, and adventurous. Don’t attempt to rush a Libra female in bed and don’t pressure them into anything.

She’ll appreciate you taking the lead but will prefer more of a gentle dominance. Again, the key is to stimulate her, but not overwhelm her.

There are plenty of female Libra personality traits that make them the ideal partner for many, but one must also note the pitfalls.

Its best if you’re a partner who can balance out her flaws with your strengths; be decisive when she waffles, be gently direct when she is avoidant and take care of her as she is busy taking care of others.

A Libra woman can be tough to tie down, but once you do, you’ll have a loyal, loving partner for the rest of your life.





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