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Gemini Personality Female – Gemini Woman Personality Traits

Gemini Personality Female – Gemini Woman Personality Traits

The Gemini personality female traits are quite diverse when compared to other star signs. Where most star signs traditionally have a standout and dominant trait, the fellow Gemini has many.

A Gemini is born between May 21 and June 21, they can change their minds often and love conversation that nurtures their intellect.

Continue reading to learn about the Gemini Personality Female and their strengths, weaknesses, likes dislikes and more. You will NEVER be bored when hanging out with a Gemini female.

Gemini Personality Female Strengths


Gemini’s are notorious for their strong communication skills. They can enter a room and communicate with a wide range of people from all cultural and professional backgrounds. Their natural ability to emulate body language and ask all the right questions with a level of genuine interest makes for great conversation. If you find yourself speaking with a women who asks a lot of questions and effortlessly keeps the conversation going, they will likely be a Gemini.

Confident & Outgoing

Gemini’s are known for being very positive, enthusiastic, outgoing and confident. They have a natural sense of confidence about the way they hold themselves in social interactions. They always seem to have something interesting to add to a conversation without seeming over the top chatty or annoying. Gemini’s make a great wingwomen or wingmen due to their natural ability to start conversation at the drop of a hat. But be on guard as the Gemini might just steal the limelight, so have a game plan in place.


The Gemini Personality of a Female is in most cases an intelligent woman. They’re very inquisitive in nature, ask lots of questions and are hungry for knowledge. Sometimes they know a lot about general knowledge as they jump from topic to topic. They know a little about a lot and a lot about a little. But don’t mistaken this for a weakness, when they become focused on one topic they can consume

Gemini Woman Weaknesses


While Gemini females are great at multitasking they can be quite impulsive and jump from task to task. The Gemini female loves change and this can sometimes work against them and jeopardise their results. When a task or career move requires a long investment of time to see positive results this can sometimes be a struggle for the Gemini. They can get bored easily and love new experiences and stimulation. So a career that has lots of change and new experiences within the role is exceptionally appealing to Gemini Females.

Overly Anxious

Anxiety in small amounts can be a natural part of life for many people. But when the anxiety becomes so overwhelming it can be a real burden. This is evident with most Gemini’s as their anxiety peaks in social situations. This stops them from being able to perform their best when under this amount of pressure.


Because Gemini Females are inquisitive by nature, they tend to ask a lot of questions when in conversation. This can sometimes come across as quite nosy as they might overstep the mark with some people who are quite reserved.

Gemini Woman Likes and Dislikes

Gemini Woman Personality Likes

Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication they love to Gossip. They love to give advice and deep conversations late at night. Gemini women love others who have a good sense of humour. She will love others who match her wit and intelligence but don’t expect her to talk about her feelings until a great deal of trust is established. Gemini females shut off when the topic of feelings and intentions arise. They prefer fun and light-hearted situations and sometimes shy away from deep conversations about their own feelings.

Gemini Woman Personality Dislikes

A Gemini woman hates being bored, they thrive on new experiences and adventure. Gemini ladies hate being tied down and prefer to be foot loose and fancy free. They don’t like drama and will usually avoid it like the plague. She believes that life is too short to be caught up in unnecessary drama. They dislike people who are needy and dependent in nature.

Gemini Woman and Love

The Gemini woman in love are great partners if they can keep them stimulated throughout the relationship. Gemini woman enjoy new and exciting experiences in life, like visiting new places or eating out at new restaurants. They basically find themselves getting bored easily due to their nature and might seek a different partner if things get a little stale within the relationship.

It is likely the Gemini will enjoy casual hookups and new experiences with a number of different partners.

Trying to force commitment and asking too many deep questions too early will push away the Gemini woman. The Gemini woman never wants to feel owned or controlled, they are a free spirit who love to travel, explore everything life has to offer. Others who share the same interests in life will match well with a Gemini.

Gemini Woman and Dating

Gemini Personality Female

You will never be bored when dating a Gemini Female, they are fun, interesting and always up for adventure. They will drop everything and be spontaneous if the time calls, so strap in and enjoy the ride when dating a Gemini. By continuing to take her on dates and experiences she’s never done before she will remain smitten and satisfied.

In the bedroom she is also interested in trying new things in regards to positions and role play. This could also mean experiencing love making in new places adding a level of excitement that Gemini crave. If you are trying to establish a long term relationship with her, be patient and don’t force anything. She will commit when she is ready and feels she wants you all to herself.

Gemini Woman and Sex

Gemini woman with their level of confidence will usually be the ones to make the first move and take the lead. She loves sex and trying new things in the bedroom. Mixing things up is key here.

Adding new positions, toys and role play will keep her excited and wanting more. She is likely to try anything that will spice up her sex life.

The Gemini woman knows what she’s looking for and will quickly move on if the sex or relationship isn’t living up to her expectations. You might find a Gemini woman vanishes after becoming bored.

Gemini Personality Female Summary

The Gemini woman is inquisitive, intelligent and loves good conversation thanks to being an excellent communicator. They love new experiences, adventures and embraces change with open arms. She can be indecisive at times and frequently changes her mind which can work against her in her career moves.

She can love deeply when she finds the right partner, but to get to this stage the relationship must remain fun and exciting. A gemini woman generally withdraws from a relationship when asked the tricky questions about commitment.  So keep it fun, exciting and include good conversation and she’s all yours.



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