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Capricorn Woman Traits – Capricorn Female Personality

Capricorn Woman Traits – Capricorn Female Personality

The Capricorn woman traits solidify her as an ideal, cosmopolitan woman. Grounded like the land itself, the Capricorn displays all the traits of a typical earth sign- diligence, perseverance, and practicality.

Capricorns are the powerhouse of the Zodiac signs. They are driven, extremely independent, and resilient. They can sometimes go ignored as they are not flashy and are unlikely to draw attention in a crowd.

While, at first glance, they may not seem like the sexiest sign, certain traits give the Capricorn woman a unique flair of magnificence.

Capricorn Woman Traits –The Good Traits of Female Capricorn


A Capricorn woman is not the type to shy away from backbreaking work. On the contrary, they enjoy labouring towards a goal. They meet challenges head-on and typically believe that everything can be overcome with the right attitude and work ethic.


A Capricorn woman will plan meticulously for any venture. She is very analytical and wants to know exactly what she’s up against. She doesn’t like surprises, hence she prepares in advance for every occasion. Don’t expect impulsiveness from her.


If a Capricorn woman sets her mind to something, she’ll do it, no matter how tough it gets. A Capricorn woman displays all the traits of a good leader and continuously employs discipline in her effort to improve herself. She is determined and won’t stop until she gets what she wants.


A Capricorn woman is self-aware and is good at reading people too. She uses her head rather than emotion to evaluate each action of an individual and categorizes people based on their conduct. She also routinely does self-evaluations to ensure her behavior is up to par as well.


Perhaps, the best Capricorn woman’s trait is her loyalty. It’s hard to get into a Capricorn woman’s inner circle (she keeps it small) but once you get close to her, you will never find a more compassionate, devoted friend.

She’ll keep it real with you, but will also support you in your goals. She will constantly try to come up with ways you can better yourself. They are also good listeners and will provide excellent advice.

Nevertheless, make no mistake. Dealing with a Capricorn woman is not for everyone. Some traits make a few people shy away.

Bad Capricorn Woman Traits


There is a stereotype that Capricorn women are no fun at parties, and there is some truth to that. They’re not the extroverts pumping everyone up at the event.

They’re more of the strong, silent type, studiously ensuring everything is going according to plan. Their serious, steady nature doesn’t often mesh well with trivial flighty environments but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to have fun.

Get her around people she can have deep conversations with or situations that challenge her. You’ll have the time of your life then.


The Capricorn woman enjoys luxury and wealth. She works hard to afford the life she wants. She may also expect opulence in her relationships.


Though ambition isn’t necessarily a negative trait, it can be detrimental when expressed wrongly.

Capricorn women tend to put their careers over their relationships and are prone to becoming workaholics.


The Capricorn woman’s major trait is realism which borders on pessimism. She doesn’t believe good things happen by chance and thinks she must work hard for anything she gets.

She intrinsically expects the worst out of situations, just so she can prepare herself for them.


A Capricorn woman will not tolerate bad behavior from anyone. She also does not excuse jokes made at her expense. Tread lightly when engaging in banter.


Capricorn women can seem cold and detached when you first meet them. They will open up to you at the first encounter; when it comes to friendships, they have a high barrier of entry.

But once you get to know them, they will show you their warmer side.

Overly analytical

Capricorn women tend to overthink situations and intentions. She will always look out for the true meaning behind your actions.

They can be suspicious of both the good and bad things you do for her.


A Capricorn woman can come off as condescending. They’re highly knowledgeable and usually believe they know better than everyone. If she thinks you’re wrong, she will have no trouble showing you.


A Capricorn is one of the unbending earth signs. They are rooted in tradition and often have a code of conduct they follow. They hold themselves to a high standard, but hold others to the same and are often unforgiving to those who cross them.

What Capricorn Women Like


Let’s not sugarcoat it- Capricorn women have expensive tastes. She enjoys all the finer things in life that money can offer.

She has no problem working for it, but you’d best believe that she will enjoy the fruit of her labor.


The Capricorn woman will occasionally work for work’s sake. She is constantly on the hunt to improve herself and finds fulfillment in that.

She enjoys reading enlightening books or doing anything to accumulate knowledge.

She also enjoys challenging herself with puzzles (the more difficult the better) and she loves to improve her environment. As such, expect her to be involved with one DIY project for another.

What Capricorn Woman Dislike


Capricorn women hate flakiness. They can’t stand when people don’t keep their word or stick to an agreed-upon plan.


As a naturally hardworking person, a Capricorn woman has no respect for laziness. She also has little sympathy for someone who doesn’t finish work on time.


As mentioned above, the Capricorn woman doesn’t appreciate disrespectful behavior. Ensure that any teasing is kept light.

Capricorn Women and Love

Capricorn woman traits

A Capricorn woman desires stability and security. She wants someone trustworthy who can understand her.

Capricorns are governed by Saturn, the planet of restriction. As such, they tend to be very reserved with their feelings.

A Capricorn woman won’t easily drop the “L” word or talk about her feelings with you. Rather, she will show you how much she cares by steadily doing things for you.

A Capricorn woman’s traits ensure she will never rush into a relationship, and won’t fall in love easily. She will logically study your behavior before she decides whether she can trust you.

Nevertheless, when a Capricorn woman falls in love, she falls quite deeply. She will be your friend and your greatest support system.

She will also be loyal and honest with you. She will allow you into her intimate circle and show you care like you couldn’t imagine.

When dating a Capricorn woman, it’s best to come prepared. She’s not the type to go on spontaneous adventures and she won’t enjoy any last-minute dates.

She will appreciate events that are planned and prepared meticulously. Your romantic gestures should show off effort and care.

Oh, and come well dressed. Capricorn women put great value on their appearance, and they will expect you to look good too.

Capricorn women tend to get along best with other earth signs. There is a mutual understanding there and the relationships are stable. They also complement Cancers, who are caring, loyal and value the Capricorn’s strength.

Capricorns tend to clash with fire signs. They also don’t do well with any signs that show high emotionalism or flightiness.

Capricorn woman and Sex

Contrary to popular belief, Capricorn women are very good in bed. They keep their sensual side hidden, but with sex, they are passionate and usually up to anything you want to try.

Their natural inquisitiveness make them adventurous as well. While she can be submissive, she will typically do exactly as she pleases, ensuring she’s getting the best out of the experience.

The Capricorn woman’s favorable traits are numerous, but they’re only ideal if you know exactly what you’re searching for. If you’re looking for someone to talk about emotions with, someone to whisper sweet nothings to, then this isn’t the woman for you.

If you’re looking for someone to have casual, meaningless fun then she’s also not the woman for you.

But if you’re looking for someone to stimulate you mentally, to always be there for you, and to tirelessly achieve goals together with, then then you just might want a Capricorn woman. It’s like they say: to get stuff done, call a Capricorn.



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