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Best Match For Libra Women – Compatibility Secrets Explained

Best Match For Libra Women – Compatibility Secrets Explained

The best match for Libra women may come as a surprise to many. As a highly sought-after sign for relationships, Libras face little difficulty attracting suitors, yet so few hopefuls truly understand what it takes to date a Libra.

What Makes the Best Match For Libra Women?

Understanding the best match for Libra women comes down to comprehending their nature. Libras are highly social and enjoy interacting with different people.

As such, she will be repelled by antisocial behavior. While Libra women are generally loyal, they may display flirtatiousness, and will not tolerate an insecure or possessive partner.

Libras are also indecisive people-pleasers and has to be careful not to date anyone who may take advantage of her.

The best match for Libra women is someone who can balance out all these attributes and compliment her when need be.

She needs someone social who will understand her need for external validation. They will also do well with an individual who is confident and decisive, who can make the hard decisions that she can’t.

Most of all, Libra women want someone affectionate. Ruled by Venus, Libras love being in love and all the romantic accoutrements that go with it.

She will need someone who is expressive and constantly shows his joy for being with her.

A Libra’s affection is usually misunderstood. It might seem superficial because she falls in love easily, but that is only because she’s not scared to open up to people.

She feels things deeply and will show you how much she values you. She needs someone who can appreciate that.

The best match for Libra women must be honest and impartial. Remember, Libras are represented by the scale and, as such, she is driven to fight for justice. She will want someone with a high moral compass who lives by the Golden Rule.

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What Qualities In a Partner Do Libra Women Dislike?

There are a few personality traits that won’t mesh well with a Libra woman.


Libra women despises confrontation. They are not the aggressive type and will shy away from any situation that may turn volatile.

She will also not directly express her displeasure and may engage in passive-aggressive behavior.

For individuals that are prone to arguments or temper tantrums, the libra is not the match for you.


Many people find comfort in silence and enjoy solitary time spent alone. A Libra is not one of those people. The best match for Libra women will not ask them to stay home and engage in solitary pursuits.

They would rather be out enjoying life together. For the same reason, she would not do well with partners who get jealous easily.  She will chafe underneath any restrictions placed on her when it comes to interacting with other people.


A Libra enjoys beautifying herself. She might be getting her hair done every week or have a ten-step night-time ritual. She doesn’t do well with austerity.

She takes her appearance seriously and will dislike anyone who makes her feel silly or wasteful for indulging in such things.

As a consequence of these traits, Libra women engage better with some signs than others. Here are some of the best matches for Libra women.

The Signs Most Compatible with a Libra

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Libra and Libra

Of course, one of the signs Libra pairs up best with is another Libra. There are no surprises here and they understand each other’s language well.

They may suffer from being too similar in most respects, but this isn’t usually an issue. Both signs are social, excellent communicators, and intelligent. No one knows a Libra like another libra.

Libras and Gemini:

Other than Libras, the best match for Libra women is the Gemini. Both signs are highly social, intellectual, and exciting. One troublesome trait is that Gemini is also fairly indecisive, and so the combined indecisiveness of both signs can lead to some stress.

But it can also lead to a whole lot of adventure.

Geminis and Libras are also highly compatible in bed. They are both adventurous and passionate, typically up for anything. Their lovemaking is sensual and intimate, full of good humor and communication. When it comes to perfect couples, it’s hard to do better than this pair.

Libras and Leo

This might come as a surprise given everything mentioned above, but one of the best matches for Libra women is Leo. This is one case in which opposites attract.

Leos often find themselves drawn to the Libra’s charm and affectionate nature. Libras love Leo’s decisiveness and are happy to follow his lead.

Both signs are social and enjoy looking good. Leo’s seductive nature is also highly attractive to Libra.

Libra and Aquarius

Another great match for Libras is Aquarius. As air signs, both like to keep it fun and light. The one caveat is that there is sometimes conflict due to their natures.

Aquarius can be unpredictable and tend to be commitment-phobes. Libras are also a lot more social than Aquarius. Nevertheless, with proper understanding, this pairing works quite well.

There are some signs that, while they aren’t ideal, still work well with the Libra.

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Average Compatibility Signs with a Libra

Libra and Aries

Both signs are social and creative. They share explosive sexual chemistry and are very passionate in bed. However, there are things to look out for. Aries tend to be blunt and feisty, while Libra values peace and negotiation.

Aries is also quick to act, while the Libras like to consider things for a long time. This relationship can work, but it takes a lot of understanding on both parts.

Libra and Taurus

While this couple is usually attracted to each other, they are on the lower end of compatibility.

The Taurus shares the Libra’s love for luxury, beauty, and creativity. They also complement each other in different ways; the Libras love Taurus’ grounded steady nature and Taurus values Libra’s affection and loyalty. H

However, they do not see eye to eye on several issues. Taurus’ can be stubborn, while Libra is always up for negotiation. The Taurus can also be quite a homebody which does not mesh well with Libra’s extroverted personality.

Furthermore, Libras are talkative and flirtatious, which can sometimes bother the quiet, possessive Taurus. This pairing needs a lot for it to work well. Nevertheless, in the right situation, Taurus can be the best match for Libra.

Libra and Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius bond over their love of creativity and adventure. Libras are drawn to the Sagittarius’ passionate nature and Sagittarius love the Libra’s charm.

The sex is off the charts with this pair. Sagittarius is a lot more physical in bed and the Libra a lot more sensual, but together, they’re magic. The only thing to watch out for with this couple is their conflicting values.

A Sagittarius might find the Libra wasteful for constantly spending money on new items. They are not as focused on appearance as Libras. They are also hesitant to commit, unlike the Libras

Libras and Virgo

This pairing can go either way. Both signs are affectionate and creative but tend to prefer keeping things light, while Virgos are a lot more serious.

Hence, Libras might find Virgos too uptight, and Virgos might think the Libras are shallow. Once again, this relationship takes work to flourish.

Libra and Pisces

While both signs are sensitive and romantic, certain attributes can cause this pairing to falter. Libras might think Pisces are too sensitive for her taste. Pisces are also famously emotional, and this can be draining to Libra, especially when combined with Pisces’ pessimism.

On the other hand, Pisces may find Libra’s focus on her appearance to be too superficial. He may prefer staying home to going out and might find being with a Libra to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Still, while the above signs may not be the best match for Libra women, they can certainly work.

However, there are signs that should probably avoid a Libra woman.

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Signs to Potentially Avoid Dating as a Libra Woman

Libra and Capricorn

These signs are too opposing to get along. They see the world in completely different ways and would be utterly unattracted to each other’s core traits.

The Libra will find the Capricorn too harsh and utilitarian, driven only by the need to work.

Capricorn will find the Libra flighty and inconsequential. It’s rare for this pairing to be successful.

Libra and Cancer

Both signs are caring in their ways, but Cancer is often temperamental which can be a turn-off to Libras. Additionally, Cancers can be vindictive and self-serving, which goes against the Libra love for justice.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra and Scorpio just don’t see eye to eye. Scorpios are highly ambitious and typically do anything to get what they want. They can also be jealous and controlling which does not bode well for the flirtatious Libra.

This is not to say that any of the above pairings cannot function well, under the right circumstances. Other than Zodiac signs, there are ways to ensure you’re the best match for a Libra woman.

How to Make It Work With a Libra Woman

If you’re going to date a Libra, here are the things to remember.

1)         You must be willing to be social and allow her to enjoy her extroverted existence. Understand that she will be loyal to you, but she needs the freedom to interact with others as well.

2)         You should be adventurous and passionate. These are traits Libras often admire in others.

3)         You must put effort into looking good. Libras are visual creatures and match well with those who take care of their appearance.

4)         You must be fair. This is the tenet of a Libra. She will not respect or love anyone selfish or vindictive.

If you can fulfil these items, then just about anyone of any sign can be a good match for a Libra. If not, then it’s best to cut your losses and find someone more compatible.



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