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Aquarius Traits Female – Aquarius Female Personality

Aquarius Traits Female – Aquarius Female Personality

The Aquarius traits female personality is an interesting one, based around honesty and positivity. Symbolized as the water bearer that represents bringing goodness to the Earth.

Their element sign is air, meaning they can take many different forms in relation so their personality. Aquarius traits female can be perceived as sensitive, calm, active, enthusiastic while displaying a level of contentment coupled with good intentions.

Keep reading as we uncover the Aquarius Female Personality and their true desires in life.

Aquarius Traits Female – Aquarius Female Personality

Love to Help Others

The Aquarian women loves to help others and genuinely cares about the beautiful planet we call home.

It wouldn’t be uncommon to see an Aquarian women attending local rallies to instill lasting and positive environmental changes with governments or the like.

Participating and helping charities or completing volunteer work is a something the Aquarius woman adores. She feels a sense of achievement by making a positive impact on people and the world.

Imaginative & Original

The Aquarius traits female are imaginative and original in nature. They have been gifted with the natural ability to conjure up unique and original ideas that go against the grain.

They have a wild imagination that can’t be matched by any of the other signs, this allows them to be creative and make excellent artists.

Bad Personality Traits of Aquarius Female

Moody & Detached

Although Aquarius are good leaders and team players, they can come across as very detached and moody when in relationships and friendships.

Most professions where they are mainly solo, such as painters, philosophers most of the time belong to the Aquarian star sign.

Impulsive & Unpredictable

Do you have a friend who consistently changes plans or cancels last minute even though they assure you they wont ? Well, it’s likely they are an Aquarius, wildly impulsive and annoyingly unpredictable.

Belonging to the air sign, they change often and effortlessly making them appear cold and emotionless.

Belittling & Condescending

Aquarius Females are very deep thinkers and plan years ahead of time. It is this personality trait that gets them intro trouble, by thinking that other people surely haven’t given the said topic as much deep thought at themselves.

They quickly dismiss any opposing views and can talk down to others without realizing.

They are usually very intelligent beings and once their mind is made, it’s incredibly hard for them to change.

What Aquarius Woman Like

Intellectual Conversations

Aquarius woman are deep thinkers that don’t leave any stone upturned, giving them an insatiable hunger for intellectual conversations.

Typical passions and topics of discussions may include art, planetary agenda’s such as human rights, global warming, equality due to their humanitarian nature.

Making a Difference

Aquarius woman, love to make a difference in the world. This can be through volunteer work at local shelters, food banks or helping locally to plant trees.

If the Aquarius woman doesn’t agree with an agenda, you can expect her to be in the first row protesting at a local rally.

They truly feel fulfilled when making a positive difference in the world.

What Aquarius Woman Dislike


Aquarius love to grow and learn, so when they remain still they feel as though they are stagnant. They hate being bored, they must be growing, experiencing, communicating and planning for them to feel fulfilled.

Being Lonely

Some Aquarius traits female hate to be left alone, while others like their alone time to recharge and gather their thoughts before making the next move.

On the other hand, some prefer the constant stimulation of rich conversation and company of good friends and partners.

Aquarius Woman and Love

The Aquarius when committed in a relationship is usually very loyal providing you don’t smother her or make her feel restricted.

If you try and hold her down, or restrict her from making her own decisions and doing what she likes you’ll quickly learn how fast she leaves.

She likes to get to know someone deeply first and most relationships start as friends, she’s not fussed by age, race or status but values true connection and intellectual counterparts.

She thrives in relationships where she can feel like herself and is free to navigate the world as she pleases with the support of her partner.

In turn, she will support her partner with anything that life throws their way and make a great partner in crime.

An Aquarius enjoy relationships most when it’s kept interesting, visiting art galleries, live talks and presentations and travel are all great ways for an Aquarius to feel fulfilled within a relationship.

An Aquarius Women and Sex

They love flirting, so spart up a flirty and interesting conversation to get the juices flowing right from the onset.

Topics of conversation such as philosophy, art and humanitarianism are excellent ways to get her heart racing.

The Aquarius woman love a good sense of humour, so a good zinger when in conversation will be a big hit.

When you get to the bedroom, they are very adventurous and open to trying new things. It can be a a truly pleasurable experience for both parties if you’re lucky enough to be with an Aquarius.

They love to role play, and have sex in outdoor area’s or places with a sense of risk from being caught. This gets their heart racing and adds a level of eroticism to the experience that they love.

Communicating openly of what both of you like and dislike is a great way to refining the experience into one big ball of pleasure.



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